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Business student wins national Young Innovator award

Start up computer games business takes top spot

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A COMPANY started by a Manchester Metropolitan University business student has won a national Young Innovators Start Up award.

Gamespace, conceived by third year Business Enterprise student Matthew Wright, was named best start up company at the awards in London last week.

Matt, 21 and from Northwich, started the company selling new and second-hand computer games and electronic equipment two years ago during his degree in the Business School.

Thanks to hard work, enthusiasm and a little encouragement from his tutors he is already on track to turn over a six-figure income next year.

First business

Matt said: “This is my first business and I never expected it to get so big. It’s great to win and be recognised for the effort I’ve put into Gamespace.

“It’s difficult running a business on my own as you don’t really get much recognition or feedback from people. But my degree and the staff at MMU have given me more confidence to make Gamespace an established business.

“I graduate this year so I’m going to expand and employ staff. I’ve learned so much but mostly networking skills in order to get some feedback and other people’s opinions.”

After sourcing secondhand, chart-ranked computer games and quality, used electrical equipment, Matt sells them under the name ‘Gamespace’ on Amazon and Ebay.

Focus for ambition

Matt also received support from Innospace, MMU's business incubator.

Senior Lecturer Madeleine Jarvis, said: “I taught Matt on the Ideas, Creativity and Entrepreneurship module. I think he would have been successful whatever happened, but I hope we gave him some structure for running his business and a focus for his ambition.

“I think we are lucky in that we have very engaging enterprise staff here who acknowledge that many of our students will have businesses and will support them to fit their studies around this. If someone has a creative idea like Matt did, we will give them every support we can to help develop it.”

Manchester-themed T-shirt company City of Glory and unique craft jewellery outfit Quirky Charms, both also from Manchester Metropolitan University, were also selected for the finals.

Record breaking

David Taylor, Principal Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, said: "Next year we will break records with 140 students launching businesses as part of their final year studies. We are very excited by the challenge of supporting these businesses and linking these nascent entrepreneurs to the wider business community."

Suzanne Fairbairn, Young Enterprise manager, said: “The awards really highlight how the Young Enterprise Start-Up Programme can inspire young people to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and help them develop practical business skills while they are still in education.”

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