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Environmental scientist's Heathrow mission

Professor advises Government

ENVIRONMENTAL scientist David Raper is playing a key role in the future of air transport in the UK.

Professor Raper, Head of MMU’s Centre for Air Transport and the Environment, chaired the ‘air quality’ panel as part of a review of the expansion of Heathrow, one of the world’s largest airports.

Professor Raper was one of three senior UK scientists invited to investigate issues around air quality at Heathrow by the Department for Transport.

As part of the governmental brief, he and his team looked at emission sources, monitoring and measuring emissions, dispersion methods and information management.

Professor Raper, has managed numerous Government and industrial grants and contracts. He has been Principal Investigator on a number of EPSRC awards and currently holds a grant investigating the impact of wake vortices on pollutant transfer within the near field. See

The Centre for Air Transport and the Environment recently won a £5 million government grant to develop solutions for the global aviation industry. See

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