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Saving the planet!

MMU drive to cut carbon footprint

MMU has joined the UK drive to cut carbon emissions with a raft of new energy saving initiatives.

The University believes it could potentially save 7,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually - the equivalent of the carbon produced by 1,500 homes each year. In monetary terms that could also save MMU a massive £2.1m.

With 4,000 employees and 33,000 students, Manchester Metropolitan is one of the largest organisations in Manchester and has substantial electricity, gas and water costs.

Earlier this year, the University appointed an energy manager – Andrew Gillies – to strengthen its commitment to being environmentally efficient.

Saving the planet

Andrew’s investigation into water usage at our seven campuses has already provided a £300,000 rebate as the University steps up to the mark in saving energy and the planet.

The estates masterplan to reduce our campuses from seven to three will also result in significant savings in our carbon footprint.

The University has also:

- Conducted a carbon foot-printing exercise to highlight the carbon produced from energy and water use, waste disposal and staff travel
- Conducted building surveys to identify where energy can be reduced
- Created a sustainable living calendar for students and staff
- Published an IT Equipment Shutdown policy
- Taken part in the Higher Education Carbon Management Programme.

The Energy team have recently put a long-term environmental policy to the University’s executive for approval.

For more information, contact Andrew Gillies, Energy Manager, Estate Planning Services on 0161 247 6038

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