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Greening Spires Report

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Professor David Lee and Dr Jenny Crowley calculate emissions at Manchester Airport

MMU is making a major contribution to the Green Agenda, according to a report published today by Universities UK.

The Greening Spires Report, endorsed by the Secretary of State for the Environment Hilary Benn, features two prominent case studies of MMU scientific work on climate change and environmental protection: OMEGA and CATE.

CATE, the Centre for Air Transport and the Environment, is the focus of the report's main case study in the chapter on 'monitoring climate change'. It features Professor David Lee's research predicting rises in the contribution of aviation to world carbon emissions, and his role in the Quantify project, which looks at the relative effects of different modes of transport on the climate.

OMEGA, a UK network of scientists led by MMU, is featured for its studies into the aviation industry and its mission to provide technical solutions to the long-term sustainability for air transport.

Hilary Benn says in the report's foreword: "I applaud and am deeply proud of the work being carried out by UK universities by dedicated teams of scientists who are seeking solutions to climate change.

"University research and the extensive links universities are forging with industry, and internationally signal their leading role in the global search for solutions to environmental problems.

The MMU projects are two of 19 UK scientific case studies in the report.

This publication can be downloaded in PDF format from the Universities UK website

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