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ENGINEERS at leading UK companies have hailed the quality of technology training at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

Engineers at Rolls-Royce and United Utilities have successfully completed short courses in Profibus - communications technology used in control systems in industries ranging from water and sewage to manufacturing and building automation.

Design engineers from Rolls Royce have signed up to the MMU automation technology and programming courses since 1999.

"The technology we work with has no room for error," said Mark Carter, a control systems engineer at Rolls-Royce. "If we get it wrong, it could potentially lead to a loss of life - that's why it's so vital we receive the right training."

Right programme

Also, we do the same job every day so it's important to find a programme that helps you do things more efficiently and cost effectively".

The Profibus training has even allowed Rolls-Royce to expand into new areas: "We're now working with surface ships as well as submarines as a direct result of this training," Mark explained.

"MMU has also supported Rolls-Royce, through its consultancy services, in the design and development of our own Profibus networks."

The University recently ran several one-day Profibus installer courses on site at a United Utilities contractor.


"This training equips staff involved in the layout of the systems with the skills to ensure they are installed correctly," said commissioning manager Tony Cooper. "The course was excellent and provoked a lot of discussion about how we can improve the way we work.

"We're now looking at sending some of our other staff on the Profibus fault-finding course."

The Automation Systems Centre currently supports 80 companies ranging from Siemens, Nissan and Waitrose to small-and-medium sized firms.

"We have trained more than 500 people over the past five years, not just in the UK but in South Africa, Singapore, Australia and China," said Andy Verwer, who heads up the Centre.

"This is testament to the reputation we've developed for supporting companies in this area".

For more information, contact Andy Verwer, Department of Engineering and Technology, MMU on 0161 247 6273 or mail

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