Manchester Metropolitan University

Sunday service

Library improves again

ENHANCED services begin from today (September 22) at MMU’s All Saints library.

Extended opening hours until 11.30pm Monday-Thursday have been made permanent for this academic year, with Sunday hours extended again to 11.30pm*.

Four self service check-out machines have now been installed to save students queuing and books can now be taken out and returned even when the counter is closed.

Food and drink will now be allowed into the Library: students can consume sandwiches, bottled and hot drinks in the relaxed seating area. Snacks and drinks will also shortly be available from new vending machines within the library.

New security check

And no more presenting your ID card for inspection – a new swipe system has replaced the manual security check. Neither will you have to show books you have borrowed at the exit gate provided they have been properly issued!

"As well as providing a more secure environment, especially during the extended opening hours, the new systems will speed up entry to and exit from the Library. They will also help to improve the security of library stock," said Jane Simister Library Services Manager.

"The overall effect of these changes should be that the Library at All Saints will provide a better environment and a more efficient and flexible service."

* The Library will now open from 12noon on Sundays. Full opening hours can be viewed on the Library's web site.

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