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Enter the kingdom of the spider

MMU expert works with BBC

ARACHNOLOGIST Emma Shaw is simply in awe of spiders, as fans of BBC’s Nature’s Top 40 will testify.

Dr Shaw appears as an expert consultant on Chris Packham’s hugely popular countdown of the stars of the animal kingdom on BBC Two.

Emma can be seen explaining how a spider constructs its amazing web in episode 5 of the show, first shown on December 5 and available via iPlayer.

And sharing Chris’s enthusiasm for amazing animals, Emma defies anyone to watch a spider making a web and not be fascinated.

"Please go and spend an hour in your garden just watching these creatures at work, it’s absolutely incredible."

Emma, a member of the Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences at MMU, recently undertook a trip to the jungles of Central America to trap tarantulas for research into their movement and growth.

Watch the video clip,

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