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World class science research

Scientists progress in RAE

MMU is conducting ‘world leading’ research in science, according to the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise – the major review of research at UK universities.

Areas of research in Earth Systems, Environmental Science, Biomedical Sciences, Computer Science and Human Geography and GIS received top 4* ratings in the exercise, while engineering and materials research also performed well.

Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences at MMU boasts leading research groups in human impacts on climate, coastal and offshore hydrodynamics, and the environmental impacts of aviation. The area was judged to have 45% of activity at a quality of ‘internationally excellent’ with pockets of ’world leading’ work.

Top 12 in the UK

Biomedical Science research also featured some ‘world class’ work, with an impressive 85% of its research rated ‘internationally recognised’. The research group is now among the top dozen in the UK.

Computer Science and Informatics has 75% ‘internationally recognised’ with 30% 'internationally excellent' and some work rated ‘world leading’.

Human Geography and GIS proved its strengths as part of the 'Sociology' submission which was judged to have 75% of research activity rated as world-class, internationally excellent or recognised internationally.

Emerging research groups in engineering and materials science are judged to have 80% and 70% of work at the level of ‘internationally recognised’ respectively.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Gerry Kelleher said: "Science and engineering research is very highly competitive. MMU scientists and engineers have made good progress and will continue to grow and produce exciting applications, in particular, for industry."

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4* denotes ‘world leading’ research activity and is the highest rating UK research can receive.

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