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Recruit Postgraduate interns

If your organisation is looking for a flexible approach to sourcing short-term resource for your team or project, the 100 hour Postgraduate Internship Programme could be your ideal solution.

Developed to enable local employers in the central and Greater Manchester areas to access the talent of Manchester Met’s Business School Masters degree students; the Postgraduate Internship Programme is a great way to appoint an intern. Your intern can be an extra pair of hands to help support your workload, or work on separate projects within your office that would otherwise be delayed.

The benefits to your organisation of using this scheme include:

What is the Postgraduate Internship Programme?

The Postgraduate Internship Programme is an optional unit that students undertake by securing a short-term internship that meets the scheme’s requirements.

This enables postgraduate students to expand their experience and employability skills, whilst adding value to your organisation. Students who complete an internship through the scheme will also have practice credits added to their qualification transcripts.

Key criteria of the Postgraduate Internship Programme

The scheme offers lots of flexibility to enable you and your intern to work in a mutually convenient way:

  • Internships must last for 100 hours over a short-term period e.g. 14 weeks
  • In term time, internships must be part-time to fit around students’ course commitments (e.g. 1 or 2 days per week), or can be full-time during University holidays and/or the period from May to August when students are working on their dissertations
  • Internships can start anytime between November and early August the following year
  • The roles must be business focussed

Which postgraduate students can apply for internships?

Internships offered through the scheme benefit from free promotion to postgraduate students within the Business School who are studying a wide range of MSc degree courses, including:

  • MSc Accounting & Finance 
  • MSc Banking & Finance 
  • MSc Business Analytics 
  • MSc Economic & Financial Analysis 
  • MSc International Finance & Management
  • MSc Human Resource Management 
  • MSc International Human Resource Management 
  • MSc International Business Management 
  • MSc Logistics & Supply Chain Management 
  • MSc Project Management 
  • MSc Marketing 
  • MSc Marketing (Communications) 
  • MSc Marketing (Creative Advertising) 
  • MSc Public Relations

What our internship providers say

We receive many positive comments from organisations that have used the Postgraduate Internship Programme. One employer said:

"Our Intern, Laura, has been an excellent addition to our team, so much so that she is joining us full time in September. The internship recruitment process was very simple and straightforward. We were offered a good selection of candidates, and should we have a gap in our team we will certainly use your service again. Laura has successfully slotted into the team and from early days was adding value to the company. We are delighted to welcome her as a full time employee."
Lesley Sharrock, Managing Director at James Robertshaw

How does the recruitment process work?

If you have an internship opportunity that you would like to promote through the Postgraduate Internship Programme, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. A member of the team will be able to advise whether your opportunity is suitable for the scheme, and can suggest appropriate alternatives if necessary.

If your internship is suitable, we will ask for full details of the role. We can then begin to promote your opportunity directly to postgraduate students within the Business School. We will gather all applications and submit them to you to shortlist, interview and select the most appropriate candidate.

Once you have sourced your intern, we will compile the required Health and Safety paperwork and when complete your intern is free to start with you.

Next steps

To discuss an internship, whether at initial planning stages or to submit a live internship role for promotion, please contact one of our Placement & Project Coordinators by phone on 0161 247 3711 or by email