Manchester Metropolitan University

Student projects

Benefit from the expertise, knowledge and fresh ideas of our students.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students from a range of disciplines are available to work on projects for your organisation. You will benefit from the expertise, knowledge and fresh ideas of our students as well as a key member of academic staff who will supervise the progress and deliverables of the project.

Organisations are invited to submit project proposals covering topics in a range of subject areas such as; strategic management, financial analysis, market entry strategy, logistics and supply chain management and change, HR, business sustainability, marketing and PR.

Project timescales

Projects take place throughout the academic year and span 6 – 15 weeks in duration dependant on the project size and scope.

Project deliverables

Project deliverables encompass a written report detailing recommendations to your organisation. You may also ask the student(s) to present their findings in the form of a presentation to relevant company representatives.


All projects are unsalaried on an 'expenses only' basis. Students are able to work remotely but may need to arrange meetings with key individuals as part of the project requirements. As a result, these
opportunities allow you to have the work completed at little or no cost.

Submitting a project proposal

To express your interest or to submit a project proposal please contact Michael Dobson on 0161 247 6426 or email 

Participating companies

Companies who have hosted students projects include; Kelloggs, E-fficiency Ltd, NHS, Daisy Communications, Integrated Magnetics, City Response Ltd, Manchester Creative, Stockport Council, The Crown Plaza, Bruntwood, Hilton Hotel, Carole Nash, MMC Learning, The Kindling Trust,, Bolton School Services ltd, Manchester Digital Development Agency, Manchester City Council, Manchester Student Homes and Oldham Council -Waste Management Group.

Further Information

For further information about Student Projects, please refer to this document