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GM Cyber Foundry

The GM Cyber Foundry is a cyber security scheme launched to protect Greater Manchester's companies against malicious computer attacks.

GM Foundry is the £6million cyber security scheme that will protect Greater Manchester's small and medium-sized companies against malicious computer attacks.

Cyber attacks cost the region's businesses £860million a year, as estimated by the LLoyds City Risk Register, and with Greater Manchester's digital aspirations continuing to grow, cyber reliance becomes ever-more important. To combat these threats, universities in the region, led by Manchester Metropolitan University, will join forces in an initiative known as the GM Cyber Foundry, which will apply research in cyber security to create new products and services for SMEs.

It is vitally important for the region to protect its vibrant digital and creative sector, which generates more than £3bn in economic output each year, and to ensure that it can operate securely. Manchester is growing as a centre for digital excellence, as evidenced by the opening of a Government Communications Agency site (GCHQ) in the city next year.

Workshops promoting business support for cyber security followed by knowledge transfer sessions will be organised after the project start on 1st October 2018.

Possible Projects

A selection of such projects include:

  • improving cyber security in blockchain and Internet of Things applications
  • enhancing security of cyber physical systems
  • increasing encryption efficiency
  • increasing cyber threat intelligence in systems
  • improving ‘cyber hygiene’ to maintain online security
  • improving the design of security systems to help users

Contact Details

For more information on the GM Cyber Foundry, please contact: 

Keith Miller

Head of Strategic Partnerships | School of Computing, Maths and Digital Technology

Chair - GM Cyber Advisory Group