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The Faculty of Business and Law delivers outstanding research that addresses some of the biggest challenges facing contemporary society.

This impact series shows the breadth and depth of activities that are taking place in the Faculty in a range of diverse areas that are making a real difference.

Grounded in high quality research, these projects are having an impact beyond academia. Examples of impact include changing opinions, influencing practitioners, informing decisions and affecting government policy.

Categories: Economics, Policy and International BusinessGenderMarketing, Retail and TourismOperations, Technology, Events and Hospitality ManagementPlace ManagementPeople and PerformanceSport GovernanceStrategy, Enterprise and Sustainability


Economics, Policy and International Business

Professor Heinz Tuselmann

Investigating employment relations, governance and worker participation in foreign owned firms

Assessing the implications for working conditions, labour participation, firm performance and national policy reforms in the context of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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OnlineUnited Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Professor Kevin Albertson

‘How to strip down the machinery of state and give it a good servicing’

Haynes’ manuals are usually the domain of DIY enthusiasts, motor heads and model kit makers. However, for the run-up to the 2015 General Election, the publisher commissioned a number of experts including Prof Kevin Albertson to explain in ‘plain English’ how the UK’s system works.

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Professor Stephen Whittle

Considered the World’s leading expert on transgender law

Co-founding Press For Change (PFC), the UK’s transgender lobbying group, PFC successfully fought cases for trans people at the European Court of Human Rights, the Court of Justice, and the UK House of Lords to gain anti-discrimination protection and health care access.

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OnlineSylvia Pankhurst Gender and Diversity Research Centre

Dr Helen Woolnough & Professor Julia Rouse

Generating Routes for Women’s Leadership (GROWL)

The GROWL project uses a methodology of ‘Engaged Scholarship’ in working with organisations within the Northern Powerhouse to explore how to generate better routes for women leaders.

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OnlineRead more about GROWL on the Sylvia Pankhurst Gender and Diversity Research Centre website

Dr Kate Cook

Listening to the voices of women survivors from across Greater Manchester

Funded by the Lloyds Bank Foundation, Voices of Survivors is researching women’s experience of sexual violence and their views on services in order to help everyone to design and deliver the services that women want and need.

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OnlineVisit the Voices of Survivors website

Dr Maz Idriss

Addressing the challenges facing UK male victims of honour-based violence (HBV) and forced marriage

Working with male survivors of honour-based violence and/or forced marriages is in collaboration with The Elm Foundation, Nottinghamshire Community Housing Association, and Jeena.

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Dr Kay Lalor

Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice: What’s law got to do with it

Grown out of the International Symposium ‘Sexuality and Social Justice: What’s law got to do with it?’, contributions were published as an edited collection: ‘Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice: What’s law got to do with it?’

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Marketing, Retail and Tourism

Dr Bex Lewis

Keep Calm and Carry On: The Truth Behind the Poster

The Imperial War Museum commissioned Bex to write a book telling the story behind ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, identifying how the development of the digital age has contributed to the slogan’s popularity.

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OnlineRead more about the project on Bex’s website

Dr Amna Khan

Investigating South Asian Muslim gift giving practices

Featuring 90 contributions, an oral history project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund captured insights into Muslims gift-giving behaviour.

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Dr Bex Lewis

Raising Children in a Digital Age

Bex’s work with values-based organisations and communities – predominantly those related to Christian faith – led to specific research on children and the internet.

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OnlineRead more about Bex’s research

Operations, Technology, Events and Hospitality Management

Professor Keith Still

Establishing facts in a ‘post-truth’ era using crowd science

The New York Times commissioned Professor Still to analyse the crowd attending the inauguration of US President Donald Trump in 2017.

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OnlineRead the New York Times article

Dr Timothy Jung

Bringing the past to life at Manchester Jewish Museum

A mobile application was built to demonstrate how augmented reality could be used to add an element of interactivity, providing users with more information about the artefacts displayed in the Manchester Jewish Museum as well as ‘gamifying’ the visitor experience for children.

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OnlineRead more about the project

Dr Kathryn Simpson

What influences people to be supportive (or not) of the European Union?

An expert in European, Irish and UK politics, Dr Kathryn Simpson regularly researches on public opinion, political behavior and attitudes towards the EU.

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Professor Keith Still

Making the World a safer place with crowd science

Keith Still’s innovative research into crowd safety has directly contributed to both national and international policy on the preparedness and response to emergency situations, particularly police training

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People and Performance

Professor Carol Atkinson & Dr Sarah Crozier

Informing Welsh Government regulations to improve working conditions for domiciliary care workers

Led by Professor Carol Atkinson, researchers from he Decent Work and Productivity Research Centre recommend increased adoption of secure contracts for the majority of domiciliary care workers and for zero-hour contracts to be used sparingly.

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OnlineRead the report on the Welsh Government website

Professor Ben Lupton

Providing HR Support for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

The project, funded by the JP Morgan Foundation and delivered through CIPD, pilots interventions designed to release the potential of SME workforces through better people management strategies and practices.

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OnlineRead the CIPD press release

Place Management

Professor Cathy Parker

High Street UK 2020: Revitalising the nation’s town centres through research

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), High Street UK 2020 looked at the impact changes to retailing in the UK and the effects they were having on town and city centres.

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OnlineRead the project page on the Institue of Place Management website

Sport Governance

Professor Mark James

Ticketing and touting: what is a ticket and when can it be traded

The relationship between sports fans and tickets to sporting events is legally and culturally ambiguous. This ambiguity manifests itself in perceptions of what a ticket is and what can, or cannot, be done with it.

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OnlineManchester Centre for Law and Society

Dr Chris Mackintosh

Providing research insight to underpin the development of the game of golf in England

Funded by England Golf, who represent 650,000 club members and 2,000 golf clubs, this research was delivered through the largest ever qualitative, national study of golf in England between 2015–17.

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Strategy, Enterprise and Sustainability

Dr Tamara McNeill

Making pub retailing greener with Robinsons brewery

This ESRC funded project supported the improved use of energy and reduced waste in the pub sector.

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