Manchester Metropolitan University

Centre for International Business and Innovation

A premier UK-based centre in international business and innovation studies

CIBI was created to bring together recognised scholars in the fields of international business and innovation studies, and to exploit the strong synergies between the two disciplinary fields in a period of rapid (economic and technological) globalisation.

In addition to examining the benefits of international trade and innovation, the Centre’s research addresses questions relating to the stresses that are introduced by on-going economic, technological and cultural shifts.

CIBI has a strong record of international level research and has extensive links with government departments, regional authorities and international organisations.

The centre is also closely linked with leading academic centres, business associations and a range of interest group organisations in Europe and beyond.

We are one of the largest centres of our kind in the UK, and our members’ interests encompass the broad fields of human resource management, employment relations and organisational behaviour. Our title reflects the contemporary view that effective management of people is associated with enhanced organisational performance, but the focus of our work also embraces the perspective that the experience of people at work is an important area of study in its own right.

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