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Postgraduate careers support

We have invested carefully in designing our courses and support services to boost your prospects of career success.

An improved chance of entry to your chosen career is a key reason for investing in a postgraduate qualification at Manchester Met Business School – so we’ve invested carefully in designing our courses and support services to boost your prospects of career success.

We offer a wide choice of professionally relevant postgraduate courses in subject areas which are directly related to the needs of employers, with the majority of these are accredited by the key professional bodies in their field.

Choosing to study with us puts you in touch with a rich range of specialist opportunities, networks and resources to give you the edge over the competition and get your career off to a flying start.  These include:

Strong industry and professional body links

More than 20 professional bodies and associations work in partnership with the Faculty of Business and Law to provide the right kind of courses for the private and public sectors, keeping us in touch with current practice and making sure our content stays at the cutting edge.  Our course leaders stay active members of their professional bodies, and you will be encouraged to join them as student members.

We’re well placed to take advantage of our location in the thriving North West, Europe’s 12th largest regional economy at £120 billion. Home to over a quarter of a million businesses, the city region the second largest media hub in the country, and the largest financial and professional services centre outside London. This means we’re close to the professions you want to work in, the key influencers you want to build networks with, and the job opportunities you want to know about.  

Programmes with built-in employability

Our courses have been designed to be practical and to equip you for career entry.   Many of our assessments are built around realistic project work, where possible for real-life clients.   You are encouraged to explore your employment options during studying for your postgraduate qualification, and you are encouraged to meet and network with employers at every opportunity through guest speakers, professional body membership, careers fairs and other specialist industry events.  

Dedicated career and employability support

The Faculty of Business and Law’s Careers and Employability Service is at your disposal during your studies with us and up to three years after you graduate.  Its services include:

  • A range of career development workshops, designed to equip you with essential skills such as CV writing and effective networking to help you advance your career
  • Access to extensive online resources including an online vacancy service, employability skills programme and careers advice by email, all of which can be accessed at a time and place to suit you
  • Opportunities to network with employers on campus and at recruitment fairs, where you’ll get the latest information on available job opportunities and top tips on how to apply
  • Strong independent advice and guidance from our Faculty’s own specialist and professionally trained Careers and Employability Consultants.

Postgraduate Internship Programme

The Business School Postgraduate Internship Programme is an optional unit which allows you to gain up to twelve weeks of experience in a business environment; putting your studies into practical application, at the same time as gaining practice credits, which are recorded on your degree qualification transcript

Career Farm - exclusive FREE access to an extra online career course worth £250

Business school postgraduate students also have access to the Masters Maximiser programme from the Career Farm – a 10-unit online career development course produced specifically for postgraduate business students which normally costs £250 for individuals to use.   Access details are provided on enrolment via Moodle.

Recognition as a World Class Professional

Gaining skills through teaching and assessment

Our courses come with career skills built in as well as academic skills and theory – they have been designed to be practical and to equip you for a professional future.   This means that one of the best ways to gain world class professional skills is to make the best use of the learning opportunities on all of your units, as well as taking  full advantage of the extra chances your tutors give you to meet professional guest speakers and attend special events. 

To help you to be clear about what career skills you have gained as well as academic knowledge, your tutors may highlight the skills you will learn at the start and end of lectures and seminars; and design assessments which make these skills clear in the assessment brief, marking criteria and feedback forms.

Professional Development Weeks

As well as building skills into the teaching on your course, we provide two intensive Professional Development Weeks every academic year:  one in Term 1 and one in Term 2. This is to allow you to go beyond what’s available on your chosen course and develop skills in the areas YOU have decided that you need in order to become a world class professional with a full skills profile.  

Professional Development Weeks put you in touch with expertise from external speakers, the Careers and Employability Service and academics from other departments.  The aim is to help you get a better degree and become even more employable in a competitive graduate jobs market.

Examples of some of the sessions usually on offer are:

  • Think creatively about careers
  • Develop your CV
  • Build your personal brand
  • Meet employers and professional bodies
  • Improve key employability skills
  • Enhance your core academic skills
  • Become more commercially aware
  • Learn how to use MyShowcase
  • And much more.

Planning, building and showcasing your skills – My Showcase

Manchester Metropolitan University has invested in MyShowcase as its preferred online  Professional Development Portfolio for students to use to:

  • Develop and record professional skills
  • Showcase your skills to a potential employer

What MyShowcase is

  • An e-portfolio – you can collect, organise and showcase proof of your World Class Professional Skills as you develop them
  • For life – because the basic software is free to use outside the university, it’s not limited to your time as a student.   You can continue to use it as your professional career develops.
  • For free – the basic system is free to use.

The software comes from MyKnowledgemap, an education software company based in York.  The basic software is free, but the University has paid for a licence so that we can provide a tailored version with the Professional development framework pre-loaded for you to use.

To get started:

Use the link to our own version of* with the Professional Framework ready to use at:!/mmu

Find more about MyShowcase on the Faculty of Business and Law Students Moodle page.

Learn more about MyShowcase

Manchester Met has been working with an independent provider called MyKnowledgeMap to develop the '' tool - an online system that allows students to upload and record skills evidence in a variety of formats (including documents; 'notes'/diaries; web links to blogs and videos). They can then map this evidence against the MMU skills framework and arrange their evidence into 'showcases' for tutors, potential employers and other parties.

Your degree certificate can be used as evidence of the knowledge required to work in the relevant business / management field, but employers and professional bodies are also interested in the skills that you possess. We have developed a comprehensive competency framework that sets out the key skills that employers and professional bodies want from business/management postgraduates, but it is up to you to make sure you can demonstrate that you actually have these skills.

Showcases can be used in academic assignments (for units which require evidence of personal development); in applications for employment; and importantly in the continued professional development (CDP) activities that are mandatory for membership of most professional bodies and recommended for all managers. Due to the fact that many forms of evidence are, or can be, made electronic; there a significant storage advantages. Showcases can be shared with interested parties via web-links and on-line forms and are often deemed more suitable for this.

*Please be aware that is not run by the university, and so any technical queries should not be addressed to MMU IT Services.    Instead, you will find the Help button at the top right of the screen within MyShowcase will solve most problems.