Manchester Metropolitan University

Postgraduate Student Profiles

Amy Melamed

MSc International Business Management

"When we took part in discussions, we were able to hear personal experience from peers from different countries, adding to the international feel."


Anthanisos Basos

MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

"My company-based dissertation was completed in Athens with a world leading consumer goods manufacturer where I worked as a logistics and supply chain consultant."

Chris Gregory

MSc Place Management and Leadership

"I have been utterly impressed by the approach and calibre of the teaching staff and often find myself referencing their work when writing academic reports."

Cynthia Mouanda

MSc Public Relations and Media Management

"I have shared my assignments with my superiors and I could see that they were particularly interested in how relevant the program was and importantly how it was improving my performance."

Damiana Casile

MSc Human Resource Management

"I have received a Masters and a full CIPD qualification at the same time, so would recommend the course to anyone considering a career in HR management."

Elizabeth Woodcock

MSc Project Management

"Links with the Association for Project Management reinforced the vocational nature of the qualification. Being part of APM has helped introduce me to a network of support and in particular to project managers in my own area for peer support."

Emma McGinley

MSc Marketing (Communications)

"It was massively important to me that the staff had industry experience, not just teaching experience. Going to lectures or tutorials, and seeing their passion was infectious."

Gemma Pullen

MSc Strategic Business Management (CIMA)

"Both the facilities and the support are fantastic, creating a great platform to become committed and focused in study. I could not recommend this course enough"

Grace Gomo

ACCA (Full time)

"I want to become a chartered accountant and this course allows you to complete all of the professional papers in just a year, which is really fast."

Heather Boyles

MSc Human Resource Management with CIPD

"My designated supervisor for my dissertation has helped me immensely, she has gone out of her way to help me with professional contacts for my dissertation and I could not have chosen my topic without her."

Irina Sarbusteanu

MSc Project Management

"Participating in the postgraduate intern scheme has allowed me the opportunity to work with experienced project managers and provide a wide range of project and analysis support around corporate project management and business process improvement.”

Kimberly Lazo

MSc Economic and Financial Analysis

“What I enjoyed most about the course was how it prepared me to write quality quantitative research papers. I was able to produce journal articles on health economics, which is an area I am very passionate about."

Lewis Madden

MSc Management

"I feel lucky to have gained so much from my tutors, their knowledge, skills and all round management experience, and their understanding is reflected in the learning."

Mark Ormston

MSc Financial Planning and Business Management

"I would recommend both the course and the University. I felt that the support structure was outstanding and the facilities and staff were amazing."

Peter Micallef

MSc Accounting and Finance

"I am delighted with the level of student support, my lecturers were helpful, friendly and knowledgeable and the investment in technology at Manchester Metropolitan is cutting edge."

Rebecca Ireland

MSc Public Relations

"One of the best aspects of the course is the ability to immediately put into practice what you learn. Most of the assignments involve working in teams with live clients."

Roya Khatib

MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

"I chose Manchester Metropolitan University because of the accreditation my course has and because of the international recognition."

Tarun Sharma

MSc Place Management and Leadership

"Association with Manchester Met and the Institute of Place Management will help me to stay abreast with contemporary issues in this domain and apply it to my professional practice."

Fatima Alshamkhi

MSc Project Management

"The staff are really good and the building is well designed from the students hub, computer areas and the teaching rooms which are a nice place to go to study or work with groups."

Loic Villepinte

MSc Business Analytics

"We always work with and back everything up with examples, with computer skills that I can apply to my work such as excel."

Phoebe McKeown

MSc Marketing (Communications)

"We regularly have employers coming in and we have the opportunity to meet them and get a taste of the industry we hope to enter in to."

William Rutherford

MSc Marketing (Creative Advertising)

"I have liked how involved the tutors have been, they take it upon themselves to go on social media and post articles that they think will be relevant to us."