3D Body Scanning

Body scanning is a non-contact, 3D measurement system that uses safe infrared depth sensing and imaging technology to produce a digital copy of the surface geometry of the human body, generating a silhouette of the shape and an extensive list of body measurements. Compatible with CAD applications, this 3D data can be exported for pattern construction, garment draping simulation and 3D body tracking. The 3D Body scanner is portable and available for commercial use on and off site.

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Measurements and images of 3D body models derived from scanned data are useful for body shape analysis, targeting markets and creating niches, optimizing garment fit specifications, setting parameters for size grading and improving quality control specifications.

MMU was a proud participant in “Size, UK” a government commissioned national sizing survey involving 17 major UK retailers, leading academics and technology companies. The first time the shape of the country’s population had been captured and analysed.

Companies who have used the 3D Body scanner include ASOS.com, Isme Brand (Shop Direct Group), Speedo and Courtaulds.


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