Food Extrusion Pilot Plant

Extrusion processing is a high throughput process with low running costs that is used in the manufacture of a wide variety of food products including pasta, ready to eat snacks, coatings, instant hot drink powders and pet food.

A 3 year European Framework Programme VI research project to develop advanced methods of reducing food processing co-products waste was recently completed in collaboration with a number of other European institutions.

Accessible expertise

Two twin-screw co-rotating cooker extruders, the MP19, APV Baker Ltd and the Continua 37, Werner Pfleiderer Ltd are available to carry out pilot scale trials at throughputs ranging from as little as 1 kg/hr up to around 60 kg/hr. At MMU we offer the combined talents of academic, industry and technical expertise, for successful:

Informed experience

Our food extrusion equipment has been used extensively in:



Our Expertise
Our Expertise