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Committed to the success of our students and graduates.

Helping students to compete and succeed in a competitive graduate job market is a key performance indicator for Manchester Met and the University's Careers & Employability Service supports these goals through a wide range of evidence based, outcomes focussed activities. 94% of students from our latest student feedback survey rated the service as good or excellent!

Our experienced teams support students and graduates with:

The primary focus of the Careers & Employability Service is to enhance students’ employability skills and employment outcomes on graduating through the provision of a range of services offered directly to students and graduates, and through support for academics to develop student employability within courses. We provide services to employers who wish to recruit student and graduate employees and get involved in the development of students’ employability in a variety of other ways.

Our Aim

The Careers & Employability Service aims to offer impartial, high quality services to students, graduates, university staff and employers through the provision of information, advice and guidance relating to the areas of employability development and the graduate labour market. Careers & Employability Service staff are employees of the University but advice and guidance is always impartial and in the best interests of each client.

Our Stakeholders

We provide services to the following groups of people and organisations:

  • All students currently studying at Manchester Met
  • Manchester Met graduates
  • University staff
  • Employers

What service users can expect from us

The Careers & Employability Service aims to offer service users the best quality service possible given the resources at our disposal. We undertake to treat all users with respect, and to listen and provide services that are impartial and objective. Service users can expect an honest appraisal of the degree to which we can help them.

If we are unable to help you when you visit or contact us we will do the research necessary to provide you with the answers or refer you to another service or agency that can give you more appropriate assistance

Our Services – what we offer

Services to students and graduates

We provide a wide range of support for current students. The majority of these services are also available to graduates – for life.

What students can expect from us:

  • Access a wide range of information resources including MMYou Careers Centre – providing over 5,000 e-learning and interactive resources.
  • Search for 100s of part-time roles, graduate jobs, placements and internships online through My Career Hub.
  • Book one-to-one advice appointments with our expert advisers.
  • Attend our careers drop-in sessions held across faculties.
  • Use our Ask A Question service – careers advice by email.
  • Meet employers on campus at our recruitment fairs, networking events and presentations.
  • Register with Jobs4Students to find out about paid work experience opportunities across campus.
  • Prepare for upcoming interviews with our practice video interview software.
  • Practise psychometric tests online similar to those used by top graduate recruiters
  • Apply for the MMU Futures Skills Award.
  • Get insight into the working world with a mentor in industry through our Mentor Me scheme.

What we expect from students and graduates:

In order that the Careers & Employability Service is able to offer relevant, timely and high quality services, we ask that you:

  • Show respect and courtesy to our staff, and be honest with us about your support needs.
  • Give feedback, when requested, about your experience of the service so that we can evaluate and improve our service to you.
  • Attend workshops and presentations on time and try to contribute to discussion where appropriate.
  • Consider what can be realistically achieved during a careers advice appointment (the majority are 30 minutes long) and attend appointments on time.
  • Inform us as soon as possible if you are unable to keep an appointment to help us keep waiting times down to a minimum.
  • Assist us in our work collecting information on graduates’ career progression by responding to the Graduate Outcomes survey.
  • Comply with the rules set out in the ‘terms and conditions’ for the Jobs4Students scheme.

Services to Employers

We provide a range of support for employers – find out more on our employer pages

What employers can expect from us:

  • A professional on-line vacancy advertising service offering access to a range of highly qualified students and graduates of a full range of degree disciplines.
  • Support for recruiting students and graduates by offering time and space for you to come in and give presentations and/or interview on campus.
  • Access to other departments within the university who can provide information to you on how to get involved in support for work-based placements, knowledge transfer, input into curriculum design etc.
  • Access to our on-line student mentoring project enables employers to support the careers of students who are interested in your area of work.

What we expect from employers using our services:

  • Cooperate with our requirements in respect of any changes we require to the content of job vacancies submitted to us.
  • Accept our decision where we are unable to advertise particular vacancies due to lack of suitability or legal issues.
  • Recruitment agencies and consultancies wanting to advertise particular vacancies with us to provide us with the name of the employer (we will not advertise this to students if preferred).
  • Give us feedback on our services and how we can improve them. We will listen to your feedback and respond accordingly. We will let you know where changes to our service are made following your feedback.


Services to academic staff & the University as a whole

We offer a range of services aimed at supporting student employability -take a look at our staff pages to find out more.

What academic staff can expect from us:

  • A team of CES staff whose work is led by the careers and employability objectives of each faculty. See our meet the team page.
  • Using careers data sources (including graduate destination information for each course) to deliver evidenced based and targeted  careers support.
  • Collating responses to the Careers Registration questionnaire providing insight into student career preferences and career readiness.
  • Supporting the development of curriculum materials and use of Labour Market Information to inform curriculum design.
  • Integrating careers resources including the MMYou online careers centre, psychometric testing and video interview practice services.
  • Establishing course based versions of our Futures Skills Award and mentoring programmes.
  • Building your employer contacts to provide placements, presentations, awards or curricular input.
  • Support for planning employability events such as recruitment fairs, ‘Meet The Employers’ and other networking opportunities.
  • Delivering group sessions covering an extensive range of topics linked to career management and professional skills development.
  • One to one student support from advisers knowledgeable about your courses and related career options.
  • Promotion of employability support and employment and work experience opportunities through use of targeted communications.
  • Support with recruiting students for paid assignments through our dedicated Jobs4Students team.

What we expect from academic staff using our services:

  • To support the CES faculty team in a way that fosters effective business partner working.
  • Promotion of and encouragement to students to engage with the full range of Careers & Employability Services, including the suite of career management workshops on offer.
  • Encouragement to students to engage with the Futures Skills Award.
  • Feedback on your (and your students’) experiences of the service and suggestions for how services could be improved.

The Careers Service & Employability Service standards

  • Staff are trained and qualified and committed to updating of skills and knowledge through lifelong learning. 
  • We seek to ensure that our service is provided in a fair and equal way to all our clients regardless of their sex, ethnic origin, age, sexuality, religion or disability.
  • We endeavour to remove the barriers to personal achievement, which result from prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination.

In addition, we adhere to the following codes and standards:

QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) Quality Code

AGCAS (Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services) Code of Practice

Manchester Met’s Equal & Diversity Policy

All of the above codes and principles are available on request. Staff of the Careers & Employability Service are updated regularly on current legislation and review service delivery with a view to maintaining best practice in equalities and relevant employment legislation.

Comments, Feedback and Complaints

Feedback on all aspects of the service is collected and analysed at least annually. Rate our service here

Any other comments on our services can be made via email to careers@mmu.ac.uk or in writing to:


Julian White

Head of Faculty Careers & Employability Support.

Careers & Employability Service

Manchester Metropolitan University
Business School Building

M15 6BH


who will respond to all written complaints. If the issue is still not resolved, the complainant may then take the same complaint in writing to the Academic Registrar’s office at the same address.

This Statement is reviewed annually.

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