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Careers & Employability Service

Tel: 0161 247 3483 | Email: Careers@mmu.ac.uk




 Stephen Boyd

Director of Careers and Employability

Email: S.Boyd@mmu.ac.uk

   Personal Assistant (Rachael Smith)

   Email: Rachael.Smith@mmu.ac.uk


 Jennifer Moorby

Head of Student & Graduate Employment Services

 Email: J.Moorby@mmu.ac.uk


 Julian White

Head of Faculty Careers & Employability Support

 Email: J.R.White@mmu.ac.uk

Faculty Careers and Employability Support


Faculty of Business & Law


Hazel Doyle

Faculty Careers & Employability Manager - Business

Email: H.Doyle@mmu.ac.uk


Nick Touati

Faculty Careers & Employability Manager - Law

Email: N.Touati@mmu.ac.uk


Shauna Burns

Careers Adviser

Email: S.Burns@mmu.ac.uk


Abigail Sullivan

Assistant Careers Adviser

Email: A.Sullivan@mmu.ac.uk


Gemma Fairclough 

Assistant Careers Adviser

Email: G.Fairclough@mmu.ac.uk


Faculty of Health & Education


Alison Proudlove

Faculty Careers & Employability Manager - Education

Email: A.Proudlove@mmu.ac.uk


Nicola Ward

Faculty Careers & Employability Manager - Health, Psychology and Social Care

Email: Nicola.Ward@mmu.ac.uk


Eleanor Brierley

Assistant Careers Adviser

Email: E.Brierley@mmu.ac.uk


Faculty of Arts & Humanities


David Nelson

Faculty Careers & Employability Manager - Manchester Fashion Institute & Manchester School of Art

Email: D.F.Nelson@mmu.ac.uk


Carole Lee

Careers Advisor

Email: Carole.Lee@mmu.ac.uk


Sarah Nicholson

Careers Advisor

Email: Sarah.Nicholson@mmu.ac.uk


Fiona Dangerfield

Assistant Careers Adviser

Email: F.Dangerfield@mmu.ac.uk


Sarah Reith

Assistant Careers Adviser

Email: S.Reith@mmu.ac.uk


Imogen Knox

Assistant Careers Adviser

Email: I.Knox@mmu.ac.uk


Faculty of Science & Engineering


Janet Marshall

Faculty Careers & Employability Manager

Email: J.Marshall@mmu.ac.uk


Marina Matosic

Faculty Careers & Employability Manager

Email: M.Matosic@mmu.ac.uk


Kirstin Burke

Careers Advisor

Email: K.Burke@mmu.ac.uk


Rebecca Hall

Assistant Careers Adviser

Email: R.Hall@mmu.ac.uk


Sarah Reith 

Assistant Careers Adviser

Email: S.Reith@mmu.ac.uk


Josie Leydon

Student Opportunities Manager

Email: J.Leydon@mmu.ac.uk



Careers Information, Marketing, Communications, Quality Assurance and Data Analysis

‌Marketing And Communications


David Ebden

Careers Information and Communications Manager

Email: D.Ebden@mmu.ac.uk


Lydia Eccleston

Marketing Officer - Careers

Email: L.Eccleston@mmu.ac.uk


Quality and Data


Justyna Cybulska

Careers Quality Assurance and Data Planning Officer

Email: J.Cybulska@mmu.ac.uk


Early Career Graduate Team


Graham Jackson

Graduate Transitions Manager

Email: G.Jackson@mmu.ac.uk


Bryony Rowe

Graduate Opportunities Manager

Email: B.Rowe@mmu.ac.uk


Jamie Farrar-Armiger

Graduate Opportunities Manager

Email: J.Farrar-armiger@mmu.ac.uk


Chloe Ng

Graduate Career Coach

Email: C.Ng@mmu.ac.uk


Lauren Rowen

Graduate Career Coach

Email: L.Rowen@mmu.ac.uk


Lucy Brown

Graduate Careers Assistant

Email: L.Brown@mmu.ac.uk

Student and Graduate Employment Services

‌Our Graduate Recruitment Services provide students and graduates with access to opportunities in a wide range of sectors and roles:

Tel: +44 (0)161 247 3485 | Email: talent@mmu.ac.uk.


Debbie Kearns

TALENTmatch Manager

Email: D.Kearns@mmu.ac.uk


Jobs4Students offers students paid, temporary work experience opportunities on campus:

Tel: +44 (0)161 247 1402 | Email: jobs4students@mmu.ac.uk


Michelle Bradley

Jobs4Students Manager 


Danielle Satterthwaite

Recruitment Coordinator 


Kirsty North 

Jobs4Students Administrator 


Nathan Shipstone

Jobs4Students Administrator 


Aveena Cheenibas

Jobs4Students Administrator 


Emma Pearman

Jobs4Students Assistant


The Placements Team provides students with sandwich placements support.

T: +44 (0)161 247 1700

E: placements@mmu.ac.uk

W: www.mmu.ac.uk/careers/sandwich-placements/ 


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