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Mental Health and your Career

How we can support you this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek


Research among university students shows a high prevalence of mental health difficulties, and university counselling services are reporting an increase in demand for their services. With this in mind, whether you have a mental health condition or are looking to support a fellow student or peer, it’s important to know that there are a wide range of resources to support Manchester Met students in their work aspirations, studies, and wellbeing.

Mental health conditions and disabilities can make the world of work seem even more daunting, but the Careers & Employability Service can provide support through all stages of career development, from making a career plan and perfecting a CV, to developing interview skills and getting work experience.

Marina Matosic, Faculty Careers & Employability Manager and Specialist Careers Adviser, explains: “Living with an invisible disability can throw up a few issues when job hunting, such as ‘Do I need to tell an employer?’, ‘Will they discriminate against me?’, or ‘Will I cope?’ For support and advice, come and see me – 60 minute appointments are available.”

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Additional Support:

In addition to a supportive Careers & Employability Service, Manchester Met students can also access a wide range of other services.

Did you know…

Whether you’re the speaker or the listener, take advantage of the fantastic resources and services available for support on career and wellbeing journeys.

- by Sarah Reith, Careers & Employability Assistant 

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