Careers in these sectors can be entered with a degree from any discipline. However, work experience is important to help enter these competitive sectors as it will enhance your CV as well as building contacts. It will also help give a potential entrant a realistic insight into these careers. For more information visit: prospects to look up each career area of interest.


Typical employers include media agencies, new media agencies and full service agencies. Jobs within advertising include Advertising Account Executive, Planner or Manager, as well as Copywriters, Art directors and Media Planners and Buyers. 

Advertising Agencies:

Public Relations/Promotions:

Public Relations work falls into 2 distinct areas, either in-house (working exclusively for one company or organisation) or consultancy work (providing an independent service to several client organisations).

There are opportunities across a wide range of industry sections. Graduate jobs include PR account executive and PR officer. The industry is thriving but as it is one of the top career choices for graduates, it is still highly competitive.

PR Agencies:

The Prolific North Top 50 PR Agencies


Marketing representatives and/or marketing departments can be found across all industry sectors. Opportunities also exist within marketing agencies. Graduate jobs include Marketing Executive (sometimes known as Marketing Assistants or Coordinators) and Market Researchers. There is a big growth and interest in Digital marketing.

Marketing Agencies:

Digital Marketing agencies in the North West:

The Prolific North Top 50 Digital Agencies

Other specialist agencies in the North West:

Information and vacancy sources:

For an overview of the sector and vacancy details have a look at Prospects

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