If you are studying Sociology, Criminology or both as your degree, you are likely to be the type of person who is intrigued by the structure of society and its major functions as well as liking to question and challenge its conventional rules. 

Unlike vocational courses, you are not being trained for a specific job. There are many career options suited to Sociology and Criminology graduates and this booklet will give you some ideas to help you think about your future possibilities and career goals.

Traditional career routes for social science students includes roles in the charity and voluntary sector, teaching, social work and social justice, community, youth and outreach, and further study.

However, this is not always the case. Studying a social science equips students with a range of skills to progress in many more sectors. Some students also choose roles within Business, Government, Marketing and Public Relations, Journalism, Law, Finance, and the Private Sector. 

Questions to consider when reading this:


How will my social science degree make me employable?

Social science teaches students not to accept things at face value and to look at the reasoning behind key issues in society. In addition to appreciating the complex diversity of various social patterns, situations and occurrences in crime and social life, other notable skills gained are:



General skills gained at University level include:

Job options related to your Social Science degree include:

Other sectors where your Social Sciences Degree would be useful:

Know your options.

Other employment sectors to consider:

All the suggested careers found in this guide are open to social science graduates and there are many more besides. For many opportunities, you will find that employers do not specify any particular degree subject. Therefore, it’s key when career planning not to limit your thinking to jobs that only relate directly to your degree. For example, large companies who specialise in industries such as engineering also have roles for non-engineers in HR, sales, management, logistics, project management etc. You can research different job sectors on the Prospects website.

Further Study:

Postgraduate study may be required in some occupations, or may give you the competitive edge in others. It is important that you research your options before starting your applications.

Read our Postgraduate Study and Funding Guide for detailed information on available courses and funding options and search for courses on these websites:

What have Manchester Met’s Sociology and Criminology graduates done?

The following information represents some of the next steps for Manchester Met Sociology and Criminology graduates:

Be inspired by other Manchester Met Sociology and Criminology graduates. 

Resources to Research Career Areas:

Finding Graduate Opportunities:

You do not have to go onto a graduate scheme once you graduate, most graduates will be employed directly into organisations. Recruitment for graduate schemes is more structured, and opportunities are typically open in October each year and close around December. This means that you should be ready to apply in October at the end level 5 study. 

Read our Looking for Graduate Jobs guide for more information. 

Careers and Employability provide information and advice on job searching and we advertise hundreds part-time opportunities, vacation work, placements, internships and graduate jobs vacancies throughout the year on CareerHub. To access these vacancies simply login with your Manchester Met Student ID number and password.

Graduate Recruitment Schemes have many different names, but most are offered by larger organisations, from multinational companies to opportunities in the NHS, civil service, and local government. Graduate schemes typically last for around two years, and a small proportion of the UK job market is made up of graduate schemes and entry is very competitive. The recruitment process can be lengthy, with multiple stage applications, online psychometric tests, assessment centres and final interviews.   

The Times Top 100 graduate employers is a good start if you’re interested in learning more about the most popular graduate schemes on offer. 

It is important to remember that graduate schemes are not the only graduate jobs available. The majority of graduates will be employed directly into individual positions within organisations. Recruitment for these jobs is less structured in timing and promotion than graduate recruitment schemes, meaning vacancies can be less obvious. Many companies choose to advertise on the web in industry specific journals, magazines and websites, on their own company websites or via specialised, recruitment agencies. You need to familiarise yourself with the sector you are interested in. To help with this look at the organisations and resources page on MyCareerHub as well as on the Prospects website. 

Working for Yourself:

Read our guide for more information on Working for Yourself. 

Some Manchester Met graduates have also successfully started their own business/social enterprise.

Innospace: Manchester Met’s business incubator for start-ups and new enterprises.

UnLtd: The foundation for social entrepreneurs, provide packages of support and funding for people who want to make a difference. They support individuals with entrepreneurial solutions to social issues. 

How else can you make yourself employable?

Make the most of your time at university and take advantage of the many opportunities on offer. Take part in Careers and Employability events ranging from talks and workshops to employer events.

The Manchester Met’s Futures Skills Award provides opportunities to enhance your university experience and learn how to articulate these skills to an employer.

Think about doing some volunteering. Take any opportunity to get work experience even if it’s not directly related to what you might want to do longer term. Employers will value it for the transferable skills developed and for the general experience of the world of work. 

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Make the most of your time at university and take advantage of the many opportunities on offer. For more information, please see our website.

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