Many graduate employers now use psychometric tests as part of the overall selection process, whether at an assessment centre or during the preliminary screening stage. Psychometric tests are used to assess the abilities and personality traits of job applicants and are often completed online. 

There are two main types of test: Personality tests and Aptitude tests.  


Personality tests are used to explore your interests, values and motivations, analysing how your character fits with the role and organisation. You will usually be presented with statements describing various ways of feeling or acting, and asked to record how much you agree on a scale. They have no right or wrong answer and are not usually timed. Your answers are used to predict how suitable you are for a job.


Aptitude tests are also known as reasoning or cognitive ability tests. They look at how you process and reason with different types of information, such as verbal and numerical, and are timed. Your results are compared to a standard, chosen by the employer, which could be the general public or other students/graduates, meaning that you must achieve a certain score to progress.

This category of test can include:


Numerical reasoning: assess your interpretation of charts, graphs, data or statistics, investigating your ability to deal with numbers quickly and accurately. These tests may also measure your knowledge of ratios, percentages, trends and currency conversions.

Verbal reasoning tests: measuring your understanding of written information, evaluation of arguments, and communication of concepts. These tests often assess your ability to construct accurate conclusions from written information and may also assess your spelling and grammar.

Non-verbal/diagrammatic reasoning: measuring your ability to follow information or spot patterns. Questions often consist of a series of pictures, each of which is slightly different. You must then choose another picture from a number of options to complete the series.

Logical reasoning tests: examine your ability to deal flexibly with unfamiliar information and to solve problems. Intended to measure your capacity for conceptual and analytical thought.

Situational Judgement Tests: explore how you respond to a series of work-related scenarios related to a role you are applying for.

Practice Tests 


Practising tests can help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and can allow you to consider aspects of your personality and how this might be important in your career choice.

Practice tests should give you a good idea of how you are likely to perform during the graduate recruitment process. There is further advice at the end of this handout on how to revise your numerical and English skills if you need to improve your performance.

Graduate First Test Portal 


The Careers and Employability Service offers you the opportunity to practise realistic personality and aptitude tests online, via the Graduates First Test Portal, and also gives feedback.

Registering for the tests


  1. Visit
  2. Complete the registration form using your MMU student email address. Providing more detail in registration will make your results easier to compare to others.
  3. You should receive an email providing you with a link to confirm your email address, and then you’re ready to start your practice tests.

If you have graduated and no longer have access to your university email address, please email and we will be able to create an account for you

Using the practice tests 


  1. Visit
  2. Sign in using your username and password.

You will have access to a Work Style Personality Questionnaire and 9 free sessions for Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning practice tests.

Need more free test sessions? Contact us and we can set up additional tests for you!

In the top right hand corner, you will find the ‘Help’ button where you can get detailed information about how to use the tests and interpret your results.

Other Graduate Level Practice Tests 


Assessment Centre HQ - Verbal, numerical and logical reasoning tests.

MMyou resources –

SHL - SHL offer a range of online practice tests.

Cubiks - Verbal and numerical practice tests.

Psychometric Success - Choose from 16 tests available for download including Numerical Aptitude, Verbal Aptitude, Abstract Reasoning Ability, Spatial Ability, Technical Ability and Clerical Ability

Assessment Day - Online community forum offering practice numerical and verbal reasoning tests, but there is a charge.

Top Tips for Taking a Psychometric Test 


Improving Your Results


After completing the practice tests, you will receive detailed, personalised feedback on your performance and tips on how you might be able to improve. You will also be able to look at fully worked solutions for all those questions that you answered incorrectly.

If you would like to review your practice test performance and discuss how to approach these in an interview or assessment centre you can book an appointment with a careers consultant.

Improving and Revising Your Numerical Skills 


Manchester Met Maths Café - The Maths Café and data buddies can help and support you with your numeracy needs. For more information contact the Maths Café team:

Skillswise - Improve your numeracy and literacy on the BBC website.

Psychometric test institute - Advice on how to improve your scores.

Careers and Employability Support 


The Careers and Employability Service offers a range of psychometric test and assessment support to Manchester Met students and graduates:

Ask a Careers Question Online: Get online advice through My Career Hub. This service allows you to ask your question at any time and receive support via email.

Careers Consultant Appointments: Book a 30 minute appointment to discuss preparation for psychometric tests and assessment centres, or review your performance with a Careers & Employability Consultant.

MMyou resources

For more information visit:

Careers and Employability Support

We offer range of support services to Manchester Met students and graduates:

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