Recruitment Consultants in Fashion, Retail & Textiles

This guide will help you to use recruitment consultants to find your graduate level job in Fashion, Retail and Textiles. 

Below is a list of recruitment consultants (in alphabetical order) who advertise vacancies in the Fashion, Retail and Textiles sectors. After this, there are also a handful of job boards in these areas. Inclusion on this list does not mean that the Careers and Employability Service necessarily recommend them, nor does it mean that they currently have appropriate vacancies. However, many graduates get their careers started through recruitment consultants and contacting these and other agencies might help in your job search.

Some consultants will have opportunities geared more towards candidates with experience. It still might be useful to look at these vacancies as they can give a feel for career progression. When searching these opportunities do not restrict yourself to jobs with ‘graduate’ in the title. First level positions suitable for graduates may have other titles e.g. Junior Buyer, Merchandiser’s Admin Assistant (MAA) etc.

This is not a definitive list, and you can search recruitment consultants by location and type of work e.g. ‘Manchester’ and ‘Retail’ at Many of the recruitment consultants listed below have more than one office location. Finally, although the consultant’s office will often be in a one location, they may have opportunities throughout the UK. 

Recruitment Consultants:

Additional Vacancy Sources:

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