Personal Details:

Include contact details: name, email address, phone number and links to your work.

The Artist’s Statement:

The key part of your CV and notoriously difficult to write! It is essential in situations where your work needs to be described. For example:

Your statement should be between half to two thirds of a page and include an enthusiastic, interesting and informative description of each piece of work you include outlining its context, meaning, process and development.


Context: What background, ideas, influences, experiences and research have impacted upon your work? Do you work in singular pieces or on-going series, or are you working on a theme that is still developing?

Meaning: What are the key themes of your work? What do they represent? Do they reflect a particular philosophy, vision or set of experiences?

Process: What have been the key stages in the development of your practice? What materials and techniques have you utilised and why? Has it led to you experimenting with new approaches?

Development: What have you learned from/been excited by in creating this work? Are you intending to develop your current theme(s) further? What are your personal reflections on how you progress your work in the future? 

Additional headings to consider

You can determine the headings you use and their order, but keep in mind what the reader is likely to be looking for and the relevance of the headings to your story as an artist!


Full Degree Title, Manchester School of Art, Dates Attended

Any Professional Short Courses, Dates Attended



Provide examples of your work by including links. This makes it easy for professionals to see your work. Remember to keep your online presence and CV up-to-date, and check what it looks like on mobile, tablet and laptop.

Online portfolio, Instagram, Vimeo or YouTube, 

LinkedIn (or other professional directory, Website, Blog

Top Tips


Watch out for exhibitions, events, competitions, festivals, community happenings, residencies, commissions etc. that you might participate in so you can extend your networks whilst adding to your body of work.


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