We have two options for you to take a practice video interview:

  1. To practice general questions, take a look at the interview simulator within MMyou: bit.ly/MMU-Interview-Simulator
  2. For a more targeted practice interview, email us at videointerviews@mmu.ac.uk, giving details of the employer/job that you are interested in, as well as your name and Student ID number.

With both options, you can view your completed interview. This guide is here to help you to review and reflect upon your practice video interview.

Ask yourself the following questions: 

Giving a complete answer:

Competency-based questions

Competency-based interviews may include 'scenario' questions, where you are asked what you might do (or have done) in a given situation or scenario. An example question is:

“Give an example of a time when you persuaded someone to change their point of view.” 

A common technique used to answer these questions is the “STAR Technique”.

– Set the context for your story.
Task – Describe what you had to do.
Action – Explain what you actually did. Which skills did you use?
Result – Describe the outcome. What did you learn? What skills did you develop?

With this in mind, look at any competency/scenario questions you were asked. Did you set out your answer using “STAR”? Did you provide evidence that you have the skills and/or experience they are looking for? It is important to be specific rather than general. Did your answer flow and was it easy to understand? Put yourself in the position of the employer, is it interesting to listen to? Do you understand the answer? Finally, did you finish your answer on a positive note so that the overall impression is strong?

Strengths-based questions

Whilst competency questions assess behaviours that the employer has identified as being relevant to the job (what you can do), strengths-based questions assess what you enjoy doing and what energises you. An example question is:

“When did you achieve something you were really proud of?”

If you were asked some of this type of questions, when reviewing your answer, ask yourself: Did I talk with enthusiasm? Did I identify the skills I developed in my answer? Did I show what I achieved? Have I demonstrated what I can do? Is there anything missing from my answer that I could have said?

Other questions

In all interviews, you will be asked “questions about the employer” and “questions about the job”. This is your opportunity to show that you understand the business, you understand the job, and you know why you want to work for that employer in that job.
For example: If you’re being interviewed for a Buyers Admin Assistant role with Arcadia Group, you could be asked:

“What do you know about the different brands within Arcadia Group?”

“What do you think a typical day for a Buyers Admin Assistant looks like?”

When reviewing your answers, ask yourself: Have I shown a clear understanding of what the employer does, what the job consists of, any relevant things going on in the sector, and how the job might evolve?

Next Steps:

Take a look at our website for further advice on interviews: mmu.ac.uk/careers/tests
You can review your video interview in more detail with a Careers Adviser. They will go through each of your answers with you and explain what you did well and what you can work on. To book an appointment, call 0161 247 3483 or visit the Employability Hub desk.

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