1. Public Sector:

The public sector comprises central government, local government and public corporations, for example:

1.1 General Public Sector Job Sites:

1.2 NHS:

1.3 Social Care Sector:

Many jobs in this sector will be advertised on local authority websites.

1.4 Guidance Work & Community Work:

To research relevant job profiles, see the Prospects website:

Key Websites:

1.5 Housing:

To get background careers information about the role and contacts/resources see the Prospects website - Housing Manager Job Profile.

1.6 Working with Young People:

To research relevant job profiles, see the Prospects website (e.g. Probation Worker, Youth Worker, Learning Mentor in Schools, Community Education Officer, or Museum Education Officer).  

1.7 Diversity:

Equality & Diversity Officer Job Profile
, a role which deals with different equality strands such as gender, race, disability, age, religion and sexual orientation. The information on Prospects also includes typical employers and vacancy sources.

1.8 Public Policy and Social Research:

1.9 Think Tanks & Lobbying Bodies:

Think tank
: A body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems.

Lobbyists: A group of people engaged in trying to influence legislators or other public officials in favour of a specific cause.

Most of these organisations are London-based and many offer internships for graduates, usually paying expenses only.

1.10 Probation Service and Related:

If you are interested in this type of work, explore this section of the Prospects website for related job-profiles: Information about becoming a Probation Officer.

Criminology related Academic/Professional Bodies:

1.11 Law Enforcement and Security:

For relevant job profiles, see the Prospects website.

Private Investigation and Security:

1.12 Government:

Local Government:

Local councils employ a huge range of people, in a diverse range of positions, from housing managers to countryside rangers to social workers.

Look at the Prospects website to research related job-profiles.

Civil Service:

If you are interested in working in a particular government department, you could also visit their individual sites for information about their work, recruitment policies and the latest recruitment information:

European Commission:

Opportunities in the UN

1.13 Working for a Trade Union:

: Job profile for a trade union research officer, also gives typical employers and vacancy sources.

Some of the larger UK based unions:

2. Charities and the Voluntary Sector:

To secure a paid position in a charity it is often necessary to have previously undertaken some relevant voluntary work or to be offering a particular skill. Research related job profiles on the Prospects website.

2.1 General Information:

2.2 Job Listings:

2.3 Charitable Internships, Volunteering and Graduate Opportunities:

A selection of charities offering internships/placements suitable for graduates. Most are unpaid although some attract a salary. UK and international development internships abroad.

2.4 Specialist Charity Recruitment Agencies:

2.5 Local Volunteering:

3. Ethical Employers:

3.1 Researching Ethical Employers:

See also our Environmental Careers Advice & Opportunities guide [Link to this when published].

3.2 Co-operatives and Mutuals:

Co-operatives are autonomous businesses, non-profit and community organisations run by and for their members.

4. International Aid Work:

For an overview of this area of work see:

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