SMEs are not only a huge source of graduate jobs but they also provide great opportunities for you to gain work experience whilst you are studying.

Why apply to work for a SME?

Working as part of a smaller team means that you are often more likely to have greater freedom and responsibility from the outset, improving your chances of developing key skills.

The work within an SME can be more varied, having several functions and taking ownership of tasks will significantly boost your experience and CV.

Being given the opportunity to handle important projects and implement your ideas will help you to make an impact on the organisation and impress your employer.

How do SMEs recruit graduates?

Compared with larger companies, SME opportunities can often be harder to find as they may not be formally advertised.

We receive lots of new vacancies each week from SMEs who are looking to recruit local students and graduates.

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Making speculative applications to SMEs is also recommended, and it might be a good idea to get in touch via social media.

Read our Finding Work guide to learn how you can find opportunities that are not advertised online.

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