Our Expertise

Conducting world‐leading theoretical and applied research in computer science

The Centre for Advanced Computational Science (CfACS) conducts world‐leading theoretical and applied research in computer science, distributed across four main themes:

We currently have 13 core academic members and 18 associate members.

Research Themes

Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Flow Analysis

This theme undertakes research in the area of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and specialises in the development and application of computational hydraulics and aerodynamics.

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Data Science

This theme comprises the sub‐topics of Big Data and Text and Data Mining and covers the development of novel methods for big data processing/analytics, text mining and natural language processing.

Application domains include health, food, energy, cyber‐security, smart cities, manufacturing, intelligent policing and national security, financial and business analytics, and education/pedagogy.

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Human-Centred Computing

This theme comprises the sub‐topics of Games, Perception and Interaction and Visual Computing and includes research on serious games, augmented/virtual reality, human‐computer interaction, human perception and attention, computer vision and pattern recognition, and image and video analysis.

Applications include:

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Machine Intelligence

This theme comprises the sub‐topics of Complex Systems and Computational Intelligence and concerns the design and application of biologically and linguistically‐motivated computational paradigms such as neural networks, chatbots, morphogenetic systems, swarm robotics, and synthetic biology.

Application domains include data analytics, computational linguistics, health and wellbeing, future technologies, education, security and safety, and smart cities.

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Smart Infrastructure

This theme comprises the sub‐topics of Cyber Security, Internet of Things and Smart Cities and concerns the development of tools and methodologies to address challenges in cyber‐security, privacy and computer forensics, intelligent transport, connected healthcare, and smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0).

Fundamentally, we are developing (and protecting) the next generation of smart infrastructure (e.g., intelligent ‘on demand’ transportation using autonomous vehicles, congestion mitigation, new security models for large networks of embedded devices, smart tracking for pharmaceutical products).

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Our Expertise