Data Science

Our research covers big data, text and data mining.

Our work comprises the sub‐topics of Big Data and Text and Data Mining and covers the development of novel methods for big data processing/analytics, text mining and natural language processing.

Our Crime and Wellbeing Big Data Centre (joint with Sociology) applies innovative big data analytical approaches to studying the interplay between the causes and outcomes of crime, health and well‐being and helps our partners (such as Greater Manchester Police) to enhance and streamline their services through improved demand analysis and forecasting.

We are pioneering the use of big data‐driven approaches for precision agriculture via Newton Fund‐supported projects. We also apply our expertise in big data, image processing, and machine learning/pattern recognition to issues such as automated crop disease detection and monitoring, contributing to improved productivity, sustainability and long term economic development of developing countries such as China and Malaysia.

Our work on natural language processing/text mining focusing on hate/extremist/radical speech is unique, in the sense that we are developing a multi‐lingual (English, Arabic and Urdu) and multi‐layered framework for identifying and analysing socio‐politically motivated texts.

Key outputs

Our Expertise