Machine Intelligence

Our research covers Complex Systems, Computational Intelligence, Machine Learning

We are leaders in the field of adaptive conversational agents (e.g., interactive tutoring systems, AKA "chatbots"), and in the development of conversational interfaces to databases.

Our patented work on quantum annealing has been applied to corporate logistics (field service scheduling), and has been awarded two KTP grants.

We are founders of the field of morphogenetic engineering. This draws from multicellular development and insect constructions to design agents capable of self assembling into functional architectures without central planning, with applications in domains such as the Internet of Things, smart energy grids, and disaster response coordination.

We undertake world‐leading research in synthetic biology (supported by several EU funded projects, which we have lead), which uses living systems as engineered computational substrates.

Our physiological profiling systems (the patented Silent Talker engine) detect complex behaviour (e.g., lie detection, comprehension) from fine‐grained human non‐verbal microgestures and is being used in the H2020 iBorderCtrl programme to simplify and accelerate border crossing.

Key outputs

Our Expertise