Monday, 14 January 2019

– Monday, 11 February 2019


Cheshire campus Pedometer Challenge

Join the 2019 Cheshire campus Pedometer Challenge!

  • Sign up to receive event details, for links to a free app. to record your steps and calories burnt.
  • Please try to use your own device (smart phone or sports watch) we do have some pedometers available.
  • 4 week challenge - 14th January - 11th February 2019
  • Once you register you will be given a unique Pedometer Challenge reference number and recording sheet which you will need to email once a week to
  • Weekly sign in, to count up the steps completed.
  • Who will be the Pedometer Challenge champion in 2019?
  • A weekly distance calculator will be circulated to illustrate how far we have walked in the campus challenge.
  • The challenge starts 12:00pm on 14th January 2018.
  • Prize on offer for the winner

Register online now.

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