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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Coaching in the Community Symposium

Unpacking the challenges, tensions, and realities of the community sports coaching profession.

Wednesday 25thApril 2018, 9:30-16:30
Manchester Metropolitan University, Cheshire Campus

Manchester Metropolitan University and Buckinghamshire New University are delighted to announce that they will be hosting the 1st Coaching in the Community Conference 2018 in
partnership with the Cluster for Research into Coaching (CRiC).

The conference will provide a significant platform for academics, coach educators, policy makers, and practitioners to come together to share and debate research, critical experiences, and expertise in relation to the development of community sports coaching. The dissemination of such knowledge is essential given the high number of community sports coaches who are relied upon to provide high-quality
provision that realises various sporting and non-sporting policy objectives.

For more information, see : http://www.cheshire.mmu.ac.uk/cric/downloads/community-symposium.pdf

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