Specialist Sport Science Facilities

Specialist facilities

We have created a state-of-the-art laboratory suite with a series of large laboratory spaces, an environmental chamber, genetics and biochemistry laboratory as well as an eight court sports hall, health and fitness suite, PC lab and sports injury clinic. We also have a 3rd generation pitch and an Olympic beach volleyball court on campus. 

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Environmental Chamber

Our £250,000 facility is capable of simulating some of the most harsh environments on earth. Bespoke programmes lasting minutes, hours or days can be run in which temperature (-20 to 50 Deg. C.), humidity (30 to 90 % relative humidity) and oxygen concentration (12 to 21 %) can be varied to simulate conditions to acclimatise athletes to hot or cold environments, or altitude.

Data Analysis Suite

The suite has 26 computer workstations to analyse data for biomechanics, physiology, psychology and coaching purposes - including video match analysis software, nutritional analysis, kinetic/kinematic analysis, and many others.

Muscle Function Laboratory

All aspects of muscle function can be examined in the laboratory using a range of dynamometers measuring force generated during isokinetic, isotonic and isometric exercise. Electrical stimulators are used to analyse full muscle contraction and ultrasound systems record fibre changes within the body of the muscle.

Projectiles Lab


The 14m long lab can be placed into complete blackout for detailed analysis of technique involving any projectiles. Commonly assessed skills include pistol and rifle shooting.

Interdisciplinary Laboratory

The Interdisciplinary Laboratory is a multi-purpose laboratory used predominantly for Physiology teaching and research utilising equipment such as Woodway Treadmills, Servomex respiratory analysers, YSI blood lactate analysers and Monark cycle ergometers. This space has a large viewing window into the sports hall that can be used for match analysis.

Health & Fitness Suite (Gym)

Our Health & Fitness Suite comprises of a 50 station fitness suite and free weights area.

Human Performance Laboratory

The Human Performance Laboratory is a multi-purpose laboratory used predominantly for Biomechanics teaching and research utilising equipment such as Woodway Treadmills VICON motion analysis systems, Kistler and AMTI force platforms. This space can be divided into three smaller spaces, each functioning as a smaller teaching or research space with multi-media facilities.

Facilities, services and equipment

Alongside our Environmental chamber, Human performance Laboratory, Interdisciplinary laboratory, Muscle function laboratory, Projectile laboratory, Health & fitness suite and dedicated Data analysis suite we have many other facilities, services and equipment available for the use of our students and staff. 

Our well-equipped psychophysiology laboratory hosts exciting projects in cognitive motor function using a variety of neurophysiological techniques. These include Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (informing the development of more effective techniques for movement, learning and modelling of skill acquisition), Eye gaze metrics (to develop interventions in sport and exercise psychology and clinical motor rehabilitation) and Electroencephalography (to investigate changes in the motor regions of the brain).

Materials laboratory (Bone analysis)
Our Materials laboratory (Bone Analysis) is based in our Exercise & Sport Science building.

Biochemistry and Genetics laboratory
Biochemistry and Genetics research enables us to explore interactions between small molecules which contribute to mechanisms, such as metabolism, which are critical to life. Examination of genetic expression and diversity in populations such as Olympic athletes provides important information on the characteristics and requirements of elite level performance.

Exercise and sport science equipment
Our laboratories are equipped with ergometers such as Woodway treadmills, Monark Stationary cycles and Cybex isokinetic dynamometers to allow sport and exercise to be simulated within a laboratory environment. We can then perform measurements using the latest VICON monition analysis system and Easote ultrasound systems, assess the forces generated using floor mounted force platforms and monitor vital signs such as heart rate (Polar heart rate monitors), respiration (Cortex respiratory analysers) and blood metabolites (YSI blood lactate analysers). Data generated through this process provides a picture of an athlete from which improvements in health and performance can be suggested and evaluated.

Health Exercise and Active Living Clinic

The Health, Exercise and Active Living Clinic is based within the Department of Exercise and Sport Science building on the Cheshire campus in Crewe. The clinic provides a range of services for clients these cover Physiotherapy, and Sports Massage.

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Sports facilities

Our students and staff have access to various sports facilities which are a short distance from the Cheshire campus, however the Health and Fitness Suite and the following facilities all located on campus:

3G pitch
3rd generation pitch is located on our campus adjacent to the sport science building.

8 Court sports hall
The eight court sports hall is housed within the sport science building.

Volleyball court
The Olympic beach volleyball court is located on campus adjacent to the library.

Visit the sport website to find out about other sports facilities available at our Manchester campus.