Celebrate Cheshire

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Proud of an achievement a friend, colleague
or staff member has made?

What to get the word out about something exciting?

Just have something cool to share? 

Celebrate Cheshire is your way to shout about anything Cheshire campus related that deserves an audience. 

We want your stories, pictures, video clips and more to tell the world about the great things Cheshire staff and students are achieving on campus and beyond.

Achievements made by individuals, sports teams, societies, students and staff are all encouraged for Celebrate Cheshire.

Work with us and we will help find an audience for whatever you want to celebrate - be it sharing pictures from an event on the Student Zone screen, promoting a performance or event your society is hosting or even seeking news coverage for exciting research in your department. You can even work with Project Cheshire to send a special thank you to someone on campus you think deserves it.

Email your stories, pictures, video clips ideas and anything else to CelebrateCheshire@mmu.ac.uk and let’s work together to Celebrate Cheshire.