Class of 2019

There are many ways we’re working to make the next academic year your best yet. To do this, we are focusing our efforts around three main pillars - commitment, investment and vibrancy.

Commitment Investment Vibrancy


Your academic achievement and wellbeing is always our top priority. We are committed to doing all we can to help make this year a success.


The University is investing in your student experience though a wide range of improvements on campus


The Cheshire campus is a great place to study and socialise – there will be a full calendar of events to enjoy all year round.


We are committed to providing you with the best student experience possible on the Cheshire campus. Your interests will continue to be our top priority and we will work hard to maintain a high quality of teaching and learning throughout your studies.

High quality teaching

The University will ensure your studies are supported by professionals qualified in their field and we will continue to maintain the most favourable staff to student ratio in the University.

Study support

Our Student Experience Tutors, Student Support Officer and Placement Officer will be on hand in the Student Zone to provide helpful advice and support with your studies and life on campus.


Regular Skills+ sessions are now taking place on teaching days and will provide you with the opportunity to enhance your professional skills.

24H study space

There will always be a safe and comfortable space on campus for your to work in – 24 hours a day.


We are committed to investing in your student experience. There have been many improvements and enhancements made to the Cheshire campus in the last year, with even more made over the summer for you to enjoy.

Additions to the Student Zone

At the heart of the campus, the Student Zone offers a place for staff and students to relax, socialise and study. A new gaming area has been created and the café has been relocated to make the Student Zone even better for next year.

Project Cheshire

Project Cheshire has funded multiple student led events on campus so far. It’s really easy to apply for funding and you can bid for up to £2000 to host an event of your own.

Facilities and opening times

All campus facilities (the Sports Centre, Gym, Arts Centre and Library) will continue to be open and available to students for free.

Investment in your future

We will continue to fund and host extracurricular learning experiences and opportunities, including, job fairs, training and career support throughout the academic year.


The Cheshire campus is not only a place to study, but one to socialise, relax and have fun. We will ensure the Cheshire campus is always a vibrant place to be with an ongoing calendar of events and opportunities for you to enjoy.

Events on campus and The Bar

Great social events like ‘I Love Wednesdays’, karaoke, bingo and quizzes, will continue to be hosted by the Students’ Union and The Student Zone Bar every week.

Student collaboration and participation

Need participants for your lab study? Looking for audience members for a performance? We will be helping to connect students to collaborate all year round.

Clubs and societies

Make new friends and share your interests by joining one of the amazing student societies or sports clubs at The Union – there’s so many to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.

Student Zone games area

We have invested in a new social activity space in the centre of the Student Zone with new pool tables, table football, air hockey and social areas to enjoy.

Free Axis tickets

Students can claim free tickets for performances throughout the year at the Axis Arts Centre. Keep an eye out on Axis Arts Centre for upcoming shows.

Class of 2019