Knowledge Exchange at the Cheshire campus

Our business offer is wide-ranging, from consultancy, to knowledge transfer and knowledge action partnerships.

Utilising our academic staff as consultants has long been an effective way of transferring academic knowledge into organisations, and provides a flexible model that can vary according to specific needs.

Meanwhile, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are a longstanding, proven, government-funded scheme that helps companies to innovate products, services and processes. By joining forces with the University, projects are developed to deliver a wide range of outcomes and improve operations and quality, develop markets, expand sales, increase profits, support community sustainability and turn research into action.

For smaller research projects where funding is limited, students can conduct research under the supervision of a senior academic staff. This cost-effective way of accessing academic consultants delivers high quality outcomes. Knowledge Action Partnerships are a form of this, in which students are specifically recruited on to research degrees to explore a specific issue within an organisation and undertake actions to implement change.

Other services offered include providing significant technical resources to undertake technical and scientific analysis, specialist facility and equipment hire for physiological testing and performance/rehearsals, and the provision of both long- and short-term work placements.

By working with us, organisations can access the latest thinking in methods, systems and approaches to operating and developing their business. Our bespoke and flexible services can be designed to your needs and specific context, ensuring the right knowledge and expertise is provided. Finally, because the University always undertakes research in a self-critical and non-partisan way, we only ever provide knowledge that is practical, real and based on evidence, giving organisations a true picture of the issues they face.

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