Getting ready for University

Finance · Accommodation · Induction and more…

Once we confirm your place at Manchester Metropolitan University you will need to start planning for the start of term.

How to enrol at University

Our welcome section contains lots of useful information on what you need to do to enrol and to help you though the first few weeks of term.

Do you need student accommodation?

If you are moving away from home then you will need to arrange accommodation. Once you have your student ID number, you can apply online.

Find out more about accommodation

Is your student finance in place?

If you have already applied for student finance and your university has changed through Clearing then you will need to change your details online. If you haven't applied for financial support yet then you need to do this as soon as possible.

Advice on Money Matters

It’s important for you to find out about loans, bursaries or grants you’re entitled to.

I’ve already applied for student finance

If you have already completed your online application for student financial support, visit our Money Matters section, which has details about our £750 Student Support Package and contains tips on budgeting for university.

If you’ve already applied for student finance but your course, university or college have changed through clearing you’ll need to let Student Finance England know as it could affect what you’re entitled to. You can make changes to your course, university or college details online by logging into your online account.

I’ve not applied for financial support before

If you are a late applicant to university and have not yet started the process of applying for financial support, here’s what you need to do: