Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today 2017

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TMT 2017 Conference Report

The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) and Manchester Metropolitan University are proud to present the 6th TMT Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, supported by the IMA, Maplesoft, Mathworks and Wolfram. GCHQ have also kindly agreed to support the event with a prize for the best paper. The conference will take place in the Business School.

The keynote speaker will be Dr Stephen Lynch from Manchester Met who has had a long career both using and teaching mathematical software and has published a number of textbooks in this area.

This will be a fascinating day which will give participants the opportunity to learn about a wide range of mathematics which has excited their peers.  The conference is primarily open to final year, or other, mathematics undergraduate students who are invited to present a paper on a mathematical topic of their choice, which makes use of mathematical software in some way. Previous conferences have seen undergraduate speakers from a wide range of universities including Aberdeen, Birkbeck University of London, Cambridge, Exeter, Glasgow, Greenwich, Leeds, Liverpool, Oxford, Royal Holloway and St Andrews.

Mathematics students will benefit enormously from this in a number of ways.  Those going into research will gain experience of the process of conference submission, while those going into the workplace will gain valuable experience of professional practice and networking to enhance their CVs and career prospects.  Students will also gain an insight into a range of mathematical software and see its potential value to their future careers. 

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