“Manchester Met is an excellent university with many opportunities for international students. The support from people is great, they are all kind and friendly."

Manchester Met is an excellent university with many opportunities for international students. I really valued the weekly discussion with my supervisory team as part of my PhD studies and the support from different people is great, they are all kind and friendly.

Facilities are first-class for research students. I have my own desk and personal computer to carry out my research activities. I can use the university studio and camera to do data collection and, most importantly, I can search, download and print scientific papers from a major publisher of scientific journals and organiser of conferences such as IEEE and Elsevier.

My main research is about face age analysis using image processing techniques. As well as my project, I used similar skills in two further projects – one involving an app called FootSnap and the other developing Croda facial analysis software. FootSnap assists clinicians in the collection of pictures of diabetic feet and segments the foot contour automatically. Croda involves developing in-house software for Croda Europe which quantifies facial images using state-of-the-art techniques.

During my studies, I participated in many conferences, summer schools, industry visits and international exchanges in Hong Kong, Portugal, Sicily, Singapore, Taiwan and around the UK.

I was delighted to receive the Skills Development Award from the School of Research, Enterprise and Innovation at Manchester Met and a student travel grant awarded by SMC Society in Hong Kong. I also had my research “Wrinkle Detection using Hessian Line Tracking” published in a high impact journal.

In terms of cost living, I would say Manchester is a great place compared to London and if you are looking for research opportunities, Manchester Met is a great choice.

I joined Panasonic Singapore as a postdoc earlier this year. It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to be involved in research and development within such a prestigious, innovative company and I am keen to progress my career and research as an academic or engineer.