Welcome to the Department of Computing and Mathematics Outreach.

During the past few years, the Department has been actively engaged in enhancing links with local schools and colleges and our visits have proved very popular.

You can find some of the schools and colleges that we have given talks to and their comments.

This initiative is constantly evolving and currently, we offer a programme of free talks aimed at 6th form students at schools/colleges within a 20-mile radius of Manchester city centre. However, if your college is further afield and you would be interested in a talk, please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

If you look at our Talks or Workshops you will see an example of the variety of talks that we offer. Some of the talks support a Public Understanding of Science and can be tailored to suit different audiences. The list is not static and new talks will be added as they become available.

You can also download some posters to brighten up your corridors.

Get involved

If you're interested in any of our activities, please contact us.