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Drugs and Alcohol

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‌‌Drug and alcohol misuse can affect your physical and mental health, your behaviour, your relationships, your performance at university and can lead to addiction. You as an individual, your emotional state, the substance you take and the environment you are in, will all influence the effect.

You will be aware that getting caught with illegal drugs or behaving badly while high or drunk can result in legal action or action by the university under the Student Code of Conduct.

DrugWise provide a summary about UK drug law.

These resources cover self-help for drugs and alcohol:



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  • The Talk to Frank website endeavours to provide up to date drug information and where to get help.
  • NHS Guide - Getting help for a drug problem: A guide to treatment by the National Treatment Agency.
  • WHYNOTFINDOUT - lots of information about legal highs - films, booklets and interviews with experts.
  • Drugs and Me - harm reduction guide to safer drug use.


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  • There is an NHS Leaflet  on ‘Alcohol and You’. It includes information on safe levels of drinking, patterns of drinking, how to help yourself or someone else you might be worried about.
  • Drinkaware - the latest UK government medical advice about alcohol - do you know how many units is safe?
  • The charity Alcohol Concern have a Help and Advice With Your Drinking section on their website dealing with drinking ‘Myths’, ‘Drink and Weight Gain’ and Your Body’.

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