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Wellbeing Podcasts


You can change your mind!


Modern neuroscience shows that we don’t need to be stuck with old negative habits. Little by little we can make changes. Here are some suggestions and recordings that you can practise and download.

Here's Rick Hanson talking about neuroplasticity


Mindfulness - being with all of our experience


You can’t change the waves but you can learn to surf.

Mindfulness is often described as knowing what is happening while it is happening. We spend a lot of time on automatic pilot just getting through without really being aware of what is going on for us. Mindfulness is about bringing a gentle awareness and acceptance of all our experience in the present moment.


The 3 Minute Breathing Space

This is a practice you can try at any time. It helps us to get in touch with all of our experience, just as we are, just now.      3 minute breathing space 


The Body Scan

We are often out of touch with our bodies. It is important that as we practice mindfulness we do so with gentleness and kindness. short body scan with kindness


Sitting with Breath as Support

This guided practice helps you to settle the mind, ground yourself in your body and rest in the present moment with the support of breath. sitting with breath as support


Self Compassion Break

We all have times when we struggle and we could all do with being kinder to ourselves. The next time you find yourself struggling, you might find this helpful. Practice it now to get familiar with it.   self compassion break 

Savouring – tasting and appreciating experiences


Our tricky brains are much better at noticing what is “wrong”, rather than what is good in our lives. We can redress the balance by savouring the small pleasures, like a good cup of tea, a beautiful sunset. Neuroscience shows that we benefit by spending time and amplifying experiences and the practice is a pleasure.

Bring to mind something which you have enjoyed recently, or perhaps sit now with a cup of tea or a pretty flower before you.       savouring experiences





Progressive Muscular Relaxation

We often hold a lot of tension in our bodies without even realising it. Think how different your body feels after a swim or a run.We can benefit from developing the skill of relaxing and letting go of tension. 

Progressive Muscular Relaxation is a relaxation technique where you work through the body tensing and releasing muscles. Developed in the 1930's by an American doctor Edmund Jacobson, it has stood the test of time. It is a good technique to just generally help you relax. It can also be used with another technique called systematic desensitization for specific fears (spiders etc) or even exam time.   progressive muscular relaxation


Looking for More? 


There is a mix of podcasts here from the Mental Health Foundation including ones on relaxation, mindfulness and stress.