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Health and Wellbeing


Our minds work well if our bodies are healthy. A healthy lifestyle is even more important when you are under pressure. It is your responsibility to take care of yourself.

It is important to register with a GP. They will be your first point of contact if you are unwell and it may mean that certain local services will not be available to you unless you are registered locally. Find out more about choosing a GP. An easy with to find your local GP is to use the 'Find GP Services' tool below.





You should also register with a dentist. You can also find information on NHS choices.

Take care of your sexual health. Within Manchester there is a sexual health service at The Northern Sexual Health, Contraception and HIV Service. There are also four Fresh Clinics 
for under 24’s in Manchester. No appointment is needed.

In Crewe there is a service at Leighton Hospital.


Sexual Consent




According to the ‘Tea and Infusions Organisation’ the British drink 60 billion cups of tea each year. That’s a lot of tea drinking - nearly three cups a day for every man, woman and child! Meanwhile another popular activity for many British is sex. Depending on where you look for information the figure is about once a week for couples. Who knows what the figure is for university students but certainly it’s a lot and that raises the issue of consent and the analogy of tea.

So credit to blogger Emmeline May for coming up with the analogy of tea and sexual consent. Animator Rachel Brian and cinematographer Graham Wheeler took the idea and brought it to life with their film. We think it’s great. It simplifies an important subject and something you really could do without getting wrong. While we are on the subject a source of good information about sex is on this website. Be warned the content is graphic and explicit. 



Some of us are better than others in thinking about and planning our wellbeing. As a student you'll definately have your stressful times so we suggest that you are proactive about your wellbeing. Routines are a good way of adding wellbeing into our lives be it going for a weekly swim, a bike ride or a going to see a film. Here's a short film about student wellbeing that focuses on how our emotions affect our thinking and behaving. 





If you like this film have a look at this one by Dan Siegel -'Flipping Your Lid'




The Five Ways are a simple tool to take stock of your wellbeing:


  • Connect -  We are social creatures. Its harder to thrive when we aren't connecting and belonging. At uni and locally there is a lot on offer but it may simply mean having a chat with someone.


  • Be Active -  MMU Sport run a terrific program of free sport activities during term time called Active Campus. Choose from swimming, football, yoga, table tennis, badminton, meditation, running and more. Take a look at the ideas from NHS Choices and The Royal College of Psychiatrists. Remember there are many activite things you can do without going to the gym, like walking to uni, cycling or running. There are also these NHS exercise videos and of course there are lots more on YouTube.
  • Keep Learning - Enjoy your study. Get tips from Skills Online in the student resource area in Moodle.