Augmented Reality Character Development for Actiphons

AR brings an Actiphon character to life, engaging children with education in new and innovative ways.


Actiphons are a family of cartoon characters designed to help children develop their phonics through playing fun, sporting activities.  This kinaesthetic approach provides an effective platform for children to enjoy their education, leading to much improved literacy skills, alongside an active healthier lifestyle.


To build an AR experience featuring an Actiphon character, to encourage children’s engagement with education.

Creative approach

An exciting pilot is underway to bring this character to life, harnessing the power of AR.  The Creative AR & VR Hub will explore innovative AR methods to playfully capture children’s imagination.


This exciting augmented reality pilot aims to bond children with the Actiphon character, to actively support children with their phonic skills, demonstrating the potential immersive power of AR in education.

To be released in 2018.