Bringing the past to life at Manchester Jewish Museum


As part of the Heritage Lottery Fund, CARH has started an exciting new project at Manchester Jewish Museum. The museum was recently granted £420,000 by the Heritage Lottery Fund to enhance its offering to visitors and restore the museum’s historic synagogue building.


CARH has been tasked with attract new target markets and enhance the experience of all visitors to the museum using AR.

Creative approach

We are using virtual storytelling through an AR demonstrator app to bring history back to life in an enjoyable and interactive manner.

Dr Timothy Jung who leads the project for CARH explained:

"We are looking at many different ideas for the app, including ways we could ‘bring people back’ from the past. We are all very excited about being a part of this huge project."

Initial research started in July 2015 and the project is expected to be completed by June 2016 with the development of the demonstrator app.


This study found that AR and especially the gamification approach is an ideal way of creating enjoyable and interactive learning experiences for school children. AR was found to increase the willingness to learn and retention of information. Overall, school children confirmed that they had a more enjoyable experience of visiting the museum.