Shanghai University Collaboration with Creative AR & VR Hub

Professor Wan and his team from Shanghai University visit Manchester Metropolitan University, to develop collaborative AR and VR projects.


Dr Timothy Jung won funding from the Royal Society in 2017, with additional support from the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC), to enable collaborative projects with the Institute of Smart City, Shanghai University.


To establish common interests and strategic development areas between Manchester Metropolitan University and Shanghai University.

Creative approach

A range of AR and VR concepts were explored for progression over the next two years.
Specialist skills from both institutions will combine to create unique outcomes, evolving Manchester Met’s culture of developing international partnerships.


Dr Jung’s vision is to establish an ongoing Smart City project, using AR and VR between Shanghai and Manchester. There is a view to develop a proposal for a pilot study of a collaborative Smart Tourism project for the Baoshan district, Shanghai.
Further projects may span tourism, health and education, employing cutting edge technology including:

• Streaming 3D content
• 3D generation, modelling and deformation
• Image modification and recognition
• Markerless tracking
• Gesture recognition
• Human Computer Interaction
• User Experience Design

Professor Wan said that he is delighted to have begun a collaborative project titled ‘Remote Dynamic Deformation of a 3D Model Based on Progressive Network Transmission.’

This will include real-time interactive dynamic deformation, progressive transmission of dynamic 3D model data over varying network conditions and finally the local rendering of dynamic content with qualitative evaluation of the visual quality of the dynamic model.

The Creative AR & VR Hub seek to collaborate and explore commercial applications for the technical research and test the technology within live commercial prototypes.