Crime & Well-being Big Data Centre

Big Data brings together crime, health and multiple data to help us gain a better understanding of the drivers of social problems and to identify the potential of integrated solutions.

We have invested £1 million in our unique Crime & Well-Being Big Data Centre to enhance our research-based contribution to civic life, as police services face the challenge of meeting higher expectations with fewer resources.

Day-to-day government and business activities generate large and complex datasets. We gather, manage and apply this Big Data to provide new insights into enduring societal challenges and help our public service partners achieve their strategic priorities and improve their performance regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our approach

At the Crime & Well-Being Big Data Centre, we lead the way with the interrogation of Big Data relating to the interplay between the causes and outcomes of crime and health and well-being. Experts in data science, we use data mining, predictive analytics, statistics and visualisation and modelling techniques to support the interpretation of statistics and evidence based research to bring data to life and make it easy to understand and apply to strategy and operations.

By applying new computing solutions, innovative analytical approaches and advanced quantitative methodologies, we help our partners to save money and enhance their police services through better demand analysis and forecasting. We help them to better understand and deal with such issues as mental health, domestic violence, disease diagnosis, health economics and drug and alcohol abuse. We also improve the ability of police teams to generate and apply evidence to increase operational effectiveness, deliver best value for money and achieve more for less.

Our work

At our Crime and Well-Being Big Data Centre we:

Our team

Our internationally recognised team of big data, crime and health experts support the transformation of the public sector and help our partners to develop an increasingly powerful intelligence framework. 

Professor Jon Bannister

Director, Crime and Well-being Big Data Centre

Keith Miller

Director of Teaching

Liangxui Han

Deputy Director

Darren Dancy

Computer Infrastructure Manager

Mark Ellison

Data Centre Manager

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