Nick Atkinson

“The course is excellent because it is giving me the tools that I will need to succeed as a teacher.”
About My Course

I applied for this combined honours degree course as I have ambitions to become a PE teacher and eventually be a head teacher. Education Studies will I think give me a good understanding of the educational system and the chance to hear different perspectives.

Whilst in the sixth form I chose a work experience option and got a part-time teacher assistant job at The Quinta Primary School in Congleton, Cheshire. The experience I gained over two years there was extremely beneficial in terms of my future career aspirations.

The course is excellent because it is giving me the tools that I will need to succeed as a teacher. It is highly regarded by both primary and secondary schools. I’m naturally quite a sporty person so my general interests in sport and how the body works aid the determination to sit down and study it. Similarly, for Education Studies, the enjoyment of expressing personal views adds to the drive to do well in assignments.

Lectures are engaging and tutors put time and effort into making sure that students understand what has been taught. Tutors are always approachable when I’ve been struggling to understand a piece of work or a lecture. They have been patient enough to understand that it would take a little time for me to adjust to education life after spending a year off.

Attending lectures and seminars is important so that you are able to gather up the required information and knowledge both to be able to perform well in your exams, but also in whatever career path you want.

I would recommend this course because it provides the understanding of what being a teacher is all about and the knowledge gained helps to mould your thoughts about how you would make subjects enjoyable and appealing for when you come to teach.

The MMU website content was great when I was applying because it outlined exactly what we would be studying on the course over the three years, also it gave suggestions for future postgraduate courses I might be interested in at a later stage.