The School is rooted in community engagement and empowerment through active participation with a wide range of learning communities.

We strive to develop a community of learning with our staff, students and community partners to make the University a vibrant place for development. There is a regular and varied range of open events, lectures and seminars within the Faculty of Education.

Early Years and Childhood

Our expertise with engaging parents, children and practitioners in Early Years and Childhood services is extensive. Currently we are working with a number of children’s centres in Greater Manchester as part of the ‘Two Curious’ project and at Cheshire looking at the provision and coordination of family support services in the early years. The School enjoys an international reputation in the development of learning programmes for young children and leadership training for early years practitioners.

We are active participants in the Early Childhood Studies Degree Network and the European Early Childhood Education Research Association.

Youth and Community

Within this area we offer unique connections to a wide range of nationally important advocacy and support around many aspects of rights, justice, gender and identity, hosting many nationally important events including; LGBTYouthNorthWest and the Trans Youth Network, Feminist Webs and the Men’s Room. At a local level the School engages with a range of local community groups to support the development of networking, research and knowledge exchange skills at a grass roots level.

Education Studies

The School is a leading member of the British Educational Research Association, widely published in this area and is currently engaged in a HEA collaborative research project in employability investigating the career aspirations and trajectories of Education Studies students.

Through student involvement in this project we are building networks for education studies students around the UK as well as within the Faculty through the student led Education Studies Society.